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Organizational Development


Organizational Development (OD) is a practice used to help organizations build-up for change in order to achieve greater effectiveness and operations.




The focus is on the people, the roles they undertake, and the systems and culture within they operate. 

The leadership team, based on assessed needs to solve operational problems or to improve organizational effectiveness, usually initiates OD. Involving employees through an up process (collecting their input) is necessary to complete the OD diagnoses from various levels of point of views. The objective of OD is to improve the organization's capacity to handle internal and external relationships, improve organization structure, and create a more effective and collaborative organization culture between employees and management. 




OD starts with an evaluation of the current organization processes and procedures.  Employees are surveyed on their 

understanding ofthe organization processes the effectiveness of the processes, and where things could be improved. 

The overall goal is to gather information and analyze it for strategy and best practices outcome.




An effective OD project will assist the organization with developing a culture of:

  • Performance Excellence

  • Organizational Health

  • Engaging Work Environment

  • Operational Excellence



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